828-222-8937 8282228937 (828)222-8937 phone number
General Information about 828-222-8937
  • State Buncombe
  • City Asheville, NC
  • Company Us Lec Of North Carolina
  • Country Buncombe
  • Usag Landline
  • Zip Code 2011
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Joey Moseley

Someone keeps calling my girls number and only when I’m at work and she acts shady lately just want to know if I’m being cheated on because she don’t work she stays home and I take care of everything she literally has everything and I treat her like a queen and don’t want to think that’s what she’s doing to me but I just know something isn’t right something is off there are things that she acts paranoid about and she’s a master at flipping things Around on me and next thing you know I’m apologizing for being upset she’s giving some black guy blow jerry bs in my bed and have me thinking god I’m a dick she should be able to blow whoever while I’m breaking my back working 60 plus hours a week to provide the life I felt she deserves! Then I would realize she was doing the slippery whistle on me. That was a example of course because if that was happening and I found out about it well I would be writing you from the federal penitentiary talking about I didn’t mean to go after the whole bloodline of his family it was a accident. Lol but not really I’m a super nice guy and laid back until that line is crossed

Reported date :2019-06-29 03:06:45

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